hollow valley spirits inc

Hollow Valley Spirits Inc.

In the tradition of enjoyable spirits, Hollow Valley takes pride in delivering quality, great tasting cocktails.

After many years in the alcohol industry, a small group of friends decided to take a chance and create high quality, naturally unique beverages that can be enjoyed by all.

Hollow Valley Spirits strives to give you a taste experience like no other, using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.

From our group of friends to yours, "CHEERS!!!!!!"

Our Products

Desert Oasis

Tequila Beverage

A tequila based cocktail. Has layers of flavor like no other. The passionfruit really compliments the tequila. Transcend yourself to that Tiki Bar on the Beach under the tropical sun with our Tequila Oasis.

Forbidden Desert

Tequila Beverage

Our Forbidden Desert is a thirst quenching tequila cocktail. A favorite drink from Mexico, it is equally powerful worldwide. A classic grapefruit drink that is light and refreshing.

Alpine Springs

Gin Beverage

Our Alpine Springs is a delightful twist on the classic Moscow Mule. A fresh Lime and Ginger taste that has nothing to do with Mules, but after a few sips of this gin based cocktail , no one will care! 

Island Tide

Rum Beverage

A delicious cocktail that features a refreshing trio of Rum, Ginger Beer and Lime. It is a strong flavorful, spicy drink that will be a hit at any gathering.

Island Brew

Rum Beverage

This root beer cocktail is guaranteed to please. The classic sweet soda drink that you enjoyed as a kid, but with an adult kick to it. Your friends will be happy you brought them to the BBQ!!!

Sunset Mountain

Bourbon Beverage

A refreshing balance of Bourbon, Orange juice and Ginger ale. The John Collins is a tasty bourbon drink that will be a classic that goes down way too easy. ENJOY!!!!

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